4 Steps To Beautiful Hardwood Floors

23 October 2019
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Carpet, tile, and laminate are all good flooring materials to consider for your home. However, there is no better option than hardwood floors if you are looking for value and appeal that stands the test of time. On average, experts believe hardwood flooring will offer you a 70 to 80 percent return on your investment.  Unfortunately, you may find the installation process a bit overwhelming, but help is available. Here are 4 simple steps for adding beautiful and valuable hardwood floors to your home. Read More 

Are You Restoring An Older Home?

12 August 2019
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Were you the lucky dog who inherited a beautiful historic home from your parents or grandparents? Or, maybe you have purchased a farmhouse that was built a hundred or so years ago. No matter the scenario, no matter how beautiful and interesting your older home is, you have probably had to face remodeling it, right? Perhaps you have already updated the plumbing and the electric systems.  If you are not giving attention to updating the looks of your older home, don't be overwhelmed. Read More 

How To Install A Linoleum Floor

16 August 2017
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Linoleum is an inexpensive flooring type that comes in a lot of different styles to match with your home's decor. This flooring is easy to install, and even the most novice homeowner can do the job. See below for instructions on how to install a linoleum floor yourself. Tools And Materials For The Job: Linoleum flooring from a place like Floor Master Inc Long-handled scraper Box cutter Linoleum glue Crowbar Hammer Caulk Linoleum roller Roll of flooring paper Instructions: Read More 

Helpful Information About Radiant Floor Heating

25 April 2017
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Are you ready to exchange your worn out central heating system for something that is more energy efficient? You might want to get a radiant floor heating system installed in your house, as it is one of the most efficient ways for obtaining heat without having to run the system too long. As long as a radiant floor heating system is taken good care of, it should last for numerous years before you will need a new one. Read More