Helpful Information About Radiant Floor Heating

25 April 2017
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Are you ready to exchange your worn out central heating system for something that is more energy efficient? You might want to get a radiant floor heating system installed in your house, as it is one of the most efficient ways for obtaining heat without having to run the system too long. As long as a radiant floor heating system is taken good care of, it should last for numerous years before you will need a new one. However, there are a few important parts of the system that should receive preventative maintenance to keep it durable. Below, you will gain more insight about radiant floor heating systems.

How a Radiant Floor Heating System Works

A radiant floor heating system works via a series of a lot of cables. Basically, the cables will have to be installed on or beneath the floors in your house. Another way for a radiant floor heating system to work is through the installation of conductive panels, but they must be installed beneath the floors in your house. You should opt for the cables if you don't want a contractor to have to remove your flooring materials for installing the panels. The cables and panels are able to produce large amounts of heat for keeping your house warm.

Why a Radiant Flooring Heating System is Efficient

The reason why a radiant floor heating system is efficient is because of the manner in which it warms a house up. For example, the heat will not have to travel through a series of air ducts before flowing through the vents. With a radiant floor heating system, you will begin to feel heat as soon as the system is turned on. Basically, the heat will rise from the floor via the cables or conductive panels. You will end up feeling warm in a faster amount of time than with a central heating system.

The Type of Maintenance That Might Be Necessary

One of the common problems that people experience with a radiant floor heating system is defective cables or panels. For instance, you might notice that one area of the floor is not getting as hot as it should. In such a case, you might need to invest in getting new cables or panels installed. An electrician can inspect the cables or panels to find out which ones are in need of being replaced, which can help you avoid purchasing too many of them for the repair.

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