How To Install A Linoleum Floor

16 August 2017
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Linoleum is an inexpensive flooring type that comes in a lot of different styles to match with your home's decor. This flooring is easy to install, and even the most novice homeowner can do the job. See below for instructions on how to install a linoleum floor yourself.

Tools And Materials For The Job:

  • Linoleum flooring from a place like Floor Master Inc
  • Long-handled scraper
  • Box cutter
  • Linoleum glue
  • Crowbar
  • Hammer
  • Caulk
  • Linoleum roller
  • Roll of flooring paper


  1. To start, remove the old flooring until you are down to the subfloor. Scrape off any remnants of the old flooring, as you'll want to have a clean slate to work with. The linoleum is thin, so if there's anything left on the subfloor, it could wear through the linoleum and cause damage to your new floor.
  2. Remove the baseboards around the room and any nails that are still in the wall. 
  3. Next, look over the subfloor and fill in any low spots or damaged areas with wood fill. If the subfloor (plywood floor) is damaged beyond repair (rotting or sagging), you may want to think about replacing the plywood altogether with new plywood.
  4. Take the flooring paper and unroll it over the area where you will be installing the linoleum. Use a pencil or marker to trace the floor space on the paper.
  5. Now take the paper and place it over the unrolled linoleum flooring. Then trace around the paper onto the linoleum to use as a guide so you can cut out the shape of the room on the linoleum. 
  6. Use a box cutter to cut the linoleum on the lines you traced.
  7. Fit the linoleum into the space and begin attaching it to the floor using glue to seal it to the floor. Start with one side and begin gluing it down, then work your way across the room. Use a linoleum roller to remove any creases or bumps from the flooring so you have a smooth floor.
  8. If you have any seams in the floor use a sealant on the seam to prevent water and dirt from getting into the seam, which can damage the floor. Allow at least 24 hours for the glue and sealants to dry and set before placing any furniture on the floor or using the room.
  9. Finally, replace the baseboards around the room and add furniture back to the room to finish the job.

Installing a linoleum floor is fairly simple to do. It's an inexpensive flooring that can update the look of any room.