Are You Restoring An Older Home?

12 August 2019
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Were you the lucky dog who inherited a beautiful historic home from your parents or grandparents? Or, maybe you have purchased a farmhouse that was built a hundred or so years ago. No matter the scenario, no matter how beautiful and interesting your older home is, you have probably had to face remodeling it, right? Perhaps you have already updated the plumbing and the electric systems. 

If you are not giving attention to updating the looks of your older home, don't be overwhelmed. With a plan in place, things can go smoothly, and your new old house will soon be ready for you to live in. From arranging for marble sealer to paying attention to other areas that need to be renovated, here are some ideas that might help you.

Marble Sealer - Do any of the rooms of your house have marble floors? That might be especially true if you have moved into a historic home. While the marble floors might have been truly beautiful many years ago, perhaps time has not been kind to them. There might be chips or scratches, and the marble floors might just look dull from things like normal wear and from sunlight hitting them. 

Think of hiring professionals to renovate your marble floors. They will have the training and the experience to make them look like new. Besides cleaning the floors thoroughly, the workers will take care of things like chips and scratches with state-of-the-art equipment that won't further damage the floors. When the floors are totally cleaned and repaired, marble protection will be applied that will protect the floors for a very long time. 

Additional Renovation - What about things like hardwood floors? If you are moving into an old farmhouse, there more than likely won't be marble floors in any of the rooms, right? However, there will probably be wooden floors in the entire house. Do the floors just need to be cleaned in order to look nice? If so, you can check that off your to-do list pretty easily. However, the hardwood floors might need to be cleaned, stained, and then waxed to make them look even better than they did in the first place. 

What about the walls of your older house? Will you be repainting them? If so, do you want a brand-new color, or do you want to keep the same color? The same goes with wallpaper. Do you want to keep the integrity of the older house? If so, try to copy the original wallpapers you make your selections.