4 Steps To Beautiful Hardwood Floors

23 October 2019
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Carpet, tile, and laminate are all good flooring materials to consider for your home. However, there is no better option than hardwood floors if you are looking for value and appeal that stands the test of time. On average, experts believe hardwood flooring will offer you a 70 to 80 percent return on your investment.  Unfortunately, you may find the installation process a bit overwhelming, but help is available. Here are 4 simple steps for adding beautiful and valuable hardwood floors to your home.


Firstly, you need to decide what type of hardwood floors you want, and a consultation with professionals will help. During the consultation, you will see numerous samples of wood in different stains and finishes. In addition, you will be able to choose from different sizes/widths of wood planks.

The ability to see these samples in person and in your home ensures you will choose a hardwood type, finish, and size suited to your personality, home's style, and budget.


Once you decide on the wood floors, the materials will be ordered and your site will be prepared. Proper preparation is key to level and attractive hardwood floors that last.

Preparation may involve removing old floors and ensuring the floor's underlayment is in good condition and free of moisture and other damage.

The area can become messy during the installation and staining process, so walls may be covered with plastic sheeting and tape after all furniture and accessories are removed from the room.


It is best to leave your home during the installation process. If you are only installing the wood floors in one room, make sure to at least move your family and pets to another area of the home.

The wood planks will then be installed to create your new floors. This will be a noisy and busy process, since many people and tools will be involved as the boards are placed and secured to your floor.

Once all the boards are installed, they will be sanded, which is also noisy and messy.


After you or the installers have cleaned up all dust and debris made during the installation and sanding process, the wood planks can be stained.

Time is needed between each application of stain so it dries evenly and thoroughly before additional coats of the stain are applied. This will ensure a durable and attractive finish for your hardwood floors.

Help is available if you are ready for beautiful, new hardwood floors. For more information, contact hardwood floor installation services in your area.